Meet Coach Christina Wood, aka the "CoachRunnerFitmom"

COACH: A graduate of East Carolina University with a BS in Exercise Physiology, Christina is very passionate about sports and fitness. She and her Husband (a former collegiate football player) own The Athlete Factory in Orlando, where they train athletes from youth to professional.  Christina holds a variety of certifications from personal training, strength and conditioning, group exercise, spinning and yoga.  Coach Christina has helped athletes from young competitors to weekend warriors perform at the top of their game!

RUNNER: Christina has been running for close to 20 years participating in every event from 5k's to full marathons, with the occasional triathlon.  She loves to share her journey and passion with other runners in hopes to motivate and inspire, as well as keep herself accountable.  Christina has combined her knowledge and expertise as a strength coach with her passion for running to help fellow runners achieve their goals.

FITMOM: A mom to two rambunctious sons, Christina juggles work, running and other fitness endeavors with family life. Of course her family will ALWAYS come first, Christina hopes that her dedication to fitness and her career will set a good example for her children and teach them the importance of having a passion and the value of hard work!

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