Monday, December 12, 2016

Marathon Training Week 0

Last week was the first week since late May of this year that I was not training for anything specific.  Going into the week I felt like it could go either way.  I would either be relieved to not have any pressure of training or I would feel a little lost without it.  It was definitely a roller coaster of a week with a mixture of both of those feelings along with many more regarding training and my future races.

So here is a little recap of last week's "training" along with my thoughts on my upcoming schedule for 2017.

Monday: Spinning + Total Body
Thanks to racing, traveling and a hectic work schedule, I have been missing my spin crew.  So it was nice to get back into my normal teaching routine and they seemed excited to see me too ;-)  Before class, I always like to try to knock out a quick lift if timer permits.  Because I have been so caught up in the distance running, I have been going pretty light on the legs and been focusing a lot on core and upper.  Well last Monday, I thought it would be fun to hit the legs hard (bad idea lol) with some squats and dead lifts.  Felt good to get after it but my legs were not too happy with me as the week went on!

Tuesday: 5 super easy miles
My legs were pretty cooked from not just the lifting the day before but for the higher than usual mileage they had experienced over the previous few weeks.  I flipped flopped all morning between swimming laps or going for an easy run.  My body kept telling me to hop in the pool but when my break rolled around, so did some nice clouds and a breeze, my heart told me to go for a run.  So that's what I did and it was glorious!  It had been months since I have been able to enjoy some carefree miles in the rain.  It started overcast and breezy, turned to some sprinkles and by the time I was rounding for home, it was pouring down rain.  What an awesomely refreshing run it was!

Wednesday: Olympic Lifting + Plyos + Yoga
"Sure Hunter, I will lift with you!"  Famous last words.  I had planned on doing a light upper and rest the legs a bit that day, but when the hubster asked if I wanted to workout with him, I was like sure it'll be fun.  Ha!  We did some snatch grip dead lifts, jumped on and over things and of course threw heaving things, along with some upper body.  It was a great workout but man was I sore for daysssss!  After work, I taught my usual yoga class at LA Fitness.  I teach so much off the mat but I was able to sneak in a few poses during class for my own benefit too.

Thursday: Swim + 5m Run
Ok, so Thursday would be the day I would dedicate to the pool, except one thing, it also happened to be the most beautiful weather we have had in months!  There was not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was in the upper 50's.  How could I NOT run that day!?!  So I got in a few quick laps (around 1600m) and took the rest of my workout outside for a nice and easy run.  Despite how tired and sore they were, the gorgeous weather made me feel great out there and I was able to really pick up the pace towards the end of my run. 

Friday: Upper + Core
I had very limited time to get a workout in on Friday but was able to sneak in a quick one before work that morning.  I went over to Planet Fitness and knocked out some upper and core. 

Earlier that week, I was really enjoying the freedom with my training.  I had decided I was going to lift heavier, swim more and not worry if I got in a run or not.  But as the week went on, all I wanted to do was make sure I got in a run, lol.  Earlier in the week, I had made up my mind that I would NOT do another marathon next month, that I would wait until March.  But by the end of the week, training for Celebration (January 29th) was all I could think about.  I wanted to see how my "longish run" would go the next day and consider what I want to do moving forward.

Saturday: 7 hard-easy-walking-hard miles
With no plan or pressure for my Saturday run, my hope was to do anything between 6 and 10 miles.  I also brought my swim stuff in case I decided to cut the run real short and just hope in the pool.  But I figured if I was really feeling it that morning (which I didn't expect to but you never know), I would push it and have a routine  8-10 mile maintenance run.   I got going and felt pretty good.  There was some tightness in my left hamstring and my right shin was a little upset with me (I need new shoes) but over all I felt OK.  Just OK though, not great, not even that good, just OK.  I knocked out about 4 miles at a pretty steady pace and took a little break for some water and to readjust my ponytail.  Then a friend of mine hopped on the treadmill next to me who I haven't seen in a while, so I took it as a sign to walk and chat.  For the next few miles, I walked and ran at a super easy pace while we chatted.  Once he left, I picked up the pace and went hard to finish out the last mile and a half to take it to 7 for the day.  Although a part of me wished I produced a much better run that morning, I was grateful for the easy miles, I'm sure I really needed them.

The rest of the weekend was spent with my family.  We took the boys to see Santa, went to the park, the Magic game and hiking.  It was quite a busy weekend but so much fun getting to spend  time with my favorite people.

I am still conflicted as to what to do about the marathon in January.  I know my body is not fully recovered from the two I just ran, but I also feel like I already have the mileage and fitness base, so I know I could totally do it.  I guess it's just a matter of what goal am I trying to accomplish (which would ultimately be a BQ), how bad do I want it, how hard am I willing to work for it and how smart  and realistic am I being about it?  So not sure if that is to go for it now or give it a few extra months to recover and prepare!?!  With time running out, it's a decision I will have to make this week so to be continued...

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