Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 7: Time to Ditch the Excuses

In my 7th week of marathon training, I had to have a HUGE pep talk with myself.  I feel like I have been selling myself short a lot during this cycle and giving in to every "reason" why training has been so challenging. I finally decided to ditch the excuses and start getting serious about my training if I want to reach my goal.  I have to admit, having come up short at a BQ in my last 3 attempts, I was kinda in a strange place heading into this training cycle. You see, I know what it's like to fail, I've come quite accustomed to that, unfortunately.  And as much as it sucks, let's be honest here, it sure is a lot easier to just give in rather than push through when it gets tough. But I am really freaking tired of taking the easy route because I'm freaking tired of failing (pardon my French).  I'm ready to finally turn my dream into a reality and this week was about taping into that desire and how it will drive me the rest of my training.

So without any further ado, here's a recap of week 7, one of my best weeks of raining thus far...

Monday: 60min Spinning + Strength Training
Taught my usual spin class and got in a quick weight lifting session before hand.  I focused a lot on power exercises in the weight room, incorporating single arm snatches, box jumps and split squat jumps.  And spin class was great, energy was through the rough, I had a blast and was drenched in sweat!

Tuesday: 5.5mi Speed Work + Hot Yoga
It has been very busy and hectic at work and often the only free time I have is between 5-7am.  So I decided to use that time to get some work done rather than my speed work.  I figured I could squeeze in a quick run on my lunch break or later in the evening if need be, work has to come first.  Luckily, I was able to sneak out for an hour before lunch and decided to do my speed work on the treadmill.  I was a little iffy about it at first, just not feeling it.  But that is when it hit me, I have been iffy and whiny and full of excuses all this time, it was time to put in work dammit!  So I sucked it up and ended up absolutely CRUSHING my speed work!  I ran 6x800's (I was only scheduled for 4 but felt so great I did 2 more) with a pace closer to my 400 rather than 800!  I know they can't always feel that great, but I definitely need a good, hard workout like that to get me back in the game.  Hot Yoga later that evening was a great accompaniment to my speed from earlier.
Wednesday: Strength Training + Yoga
Total body strength at Planet Fitness on my lunch break where I did a little bit of everything, including some much needed lower body exercises and core.  I don't do much for legs, though I know I need to, so I hit it pretty hard (which I ended up paying for as the week went on, uhoh).  It was back to work for the rest of then I picked up the kids, rushed over to LA Fitness and talk Yoga.  Oh the life of a working fitmom, 3 different gyms in a matter of hours!
Thursday: 5.5mi Tempo Run
Hunter and I ended up sleeping in until about 5:45 that morning, feeling as if we needed a little extra rest.  When we woke up, he went into the gym to workout and work, so I headed downstairs to get some work done too.  I originally planned to run on my lunch break but decided to knock it out before heading into the gym for the day.  Hunter took the kids to school as I rand around the neighborhood.  The heat and humidity got to me quickly and I kept thinking about slowing down or cutting it short.  But then I remembered the pep talk I had to give myself once this week already and pushed through.  It wasn't the pace I was shooting for but it wasn't too far off and I'm glad that I broke through some mental barriers.
Friday: 2mi Hill Repeats
Normally, I do upper and core on Fridays but Hunter sent me a text on his way back from out of town (he was gone for the night) asking me if I wanted to run this hills out in Apopka.  So of course I said heck yeah!  There are not many "hills" in this area, it's actually pretty flat around here.  I had heard about this hill out in Apopka that some of our NFL guys like to go run up and had been eager to give it a try.  We got out there around 1pm with the sun high in the sky and beating hard down on us.  We measured out a tenth of the mile uphill and began our work.  We sprinted as hard as we could up the hill and briskly walked back down, doing that 10 times.  It was definitely tough.  When I found myself slowing down or wanting to even stop, I would tell myself to push harder, my BQ was at the top of the hill.  Pushing through now, and all of the other times that get tough, is what it's going to take to get my that goal.  That's exactly what we did that afternoon, and Hunter and I were both pretty exhausted that evening.
Saturday: 10mi Treadmill Run
I thought I was finally going to get out on the trail with my MRTT mamas but thanks to my van needing some service it was yet another no go for me this weekend.  We had to get the car seats into Hunter's truck, drop the van off at the shop then drop Hunter off at work.  So the boys and I headed over to LA Fitness so I could get my miles in on the treadmill.  It could have been the hard lower body workouts of the week, exhaustion from hill work, or me just being mentally not there, but the run started off pretty rough.  I kept wondering, "it shouldn't be this difficult, is there something wrong with me?"  So there I was again, having to give myself another pep talk, reminding myself that if I want to race hard, I have to train hard.  It wasn't easy, in fact I had to fight pretty hard for the miles and the pace.  But I pushed through it, finishing up the ten miles with an average pace of 7:23 and my last mile the fastest one at 6:36!

By Saturday afternoon, my legs were shot, I was so tired but I was on another level mentally.  I had broken through some HUGE mental barriers this week, that I had been needing to break since this Spring.  I feel like moving forward, I have a much better attitude and I'm ready to give the rest of the training cycle my absolute all.  No excuses, just hard work to make this BQ finally freaking happen!

Oh, and Sunday: REST DAY!
Rest and relaxation with my favorite people was spent taking the boys to see The Secret Life of Pets (which is super cute btw) and then hanging out by the pool the rest of the day!  Exactly what I needed after a hard week of training.

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