Tuesday, June 7, 2016

To My Non-Runner Friends, I Am Sorry

Though I have been a runner for as long as I can remember, I haven't always been this consumed with passionate about the sport.  In fact there was a time in my life where I didn't consider myself a "real runner" (ridiculous, I know) and was I a little embarrassed to even talk about it all.  That soon changed though.  And of course since it was all before the internet (well actually not quite that long, but looooong before social media wast a thing), it was difficult to inform everyone of every step I took.  Oh and then there was that one, actually two times I became a mom, so I was a bit more apt to brag about my little ones sleeping for 4 straight hours at night than how many miles I ran that week!

Despite running now being one of my biggest passions and even part of my livelihood, there were several times throughout my life people did not even know I ran.  Now that it's pretty much all I do and talk about, most of my friends are runners.  But I have managed to pick up some non-runner friends along the way.  Crazy, I know!  I actually have people in my life who do not run (or even exercise), and that is perfectly OK with me, and them too, for that matter.  From former coworkers to my mommy friends, I am very appreciative of everyone in my life, even if they have no desire to join me for a Sunday-Runday.  They have their own passions and joys in life that do not necessarily align with mine, and we do our best to make time for, respect and appreciate one another.  Of course with that being said, since they do not share my (sometimes often crazy) obsession with distance running, I feel as if I do need to make some apologies for my (sometimes often obnoxious) behavior.

So without any further ado, let me take this opportunity to go ahead and apologize for a few things that may happen to annoy some of my non-runner friends and family...
I am sorry it may seem like all I ever want to is run or talk about running.
I am sorry for skipping girls' night, I had a long run the next morning and needed to get to bed early.

I am sorry MY idea of a fun girls' night is a pub run.

I am sorry I ate ALL the appetizers at your party not leaving anything for anyone else, I had a long run that morning and was starving.

I am sorry I am socially awkward with virtually any topic other than running and fitness.

I am sorry all I talk about is running and fitness.

I am sorry I always look (and probably smell, ew) like I am coming or going to the gym.

I am sorry that my "dressy casual' attire consists solely of yoga pants and flip flops.

Oh and about those toes of mine, I will go get a pedicure...after my race!

I am sorry my social media pages are flooded with race photos, group run pics and inspirational running and fitness quotes.

I am sorry for yawning all during brunch, I had (you guessed it) a long run that morning.
I am sorry I am always categorizing everyone in my life into two groups: my "runner friends" and everyone else.
I am sorry I always talk about my runner friends as if they are your besties too, even though you have never met.
I am sorry I always give your kids running and fitness related gifts for their birthdays.
And yes the running socks from Secret Santa were in deed from me.
I am sorry I missed your holiday party this year, I had an out of town race that weekend.
And on that note [to my husband] I am sorry we had to reschedule your birthday, our anniversary and Valentine's day this year because they fell on race weekends. 
I am sorry I have to look up to see if there is a race to any place anyone ever suggests visiting, #racecation!
I am sorry I absolutely still have to run while on vacation, I don't mind waking up before everyone though, I will just be tired and hungry all day.
I am sorry I am always trying to convince everyone to run a 5k with me, it's only 3.1 miles, c'mon it'll be fun.
I am sorry for trying to convince everyone running is fun.
I am sorry for those few that I have convinced to run a distance race, I work on convincing you to run an even further one!
And last but not least...I am sorry I am not always present, but I do still love you all...I just love running a little bit more.  Totally kidding...or am I????


  1. I am sure that your friends, especially the ones who want to see you happy, understand :)

  2. Haha put me in a conversation about running and I can talk all happy for hours, put me in a conversation and about anything else and... my mind will wander to running haha