Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break, Family Time and Yoga Poses

This week was Spring Break for many of the local high schools.  Although it has been YEARS since I myself have been able to enjoy an entire week off from reality, Spring Break does affect our work schedule and actually frees up a little time in our training.  On the plus side, Hunter and I are able to get some work done and even have a little fun together.  On the downside, with my schedule thrown off, it can be a little difficult to stay focused and committed to my fitness.  With that being said, I still managed some good workouts this week and here is a recap in training.

Monday: Taught spinning to a smaller class, assuming many were out for Spring Break.  The weather was gorgeous, a little cooler but sunny and beautiful.  After spin, I met up with Hunter and we knocked out a few miles.  He said he wanted to push to 4 and hold a solid pace similar to our last run.  We ended up doing 4.25 with a pace of 9:02.  Which in my opinion is super awesome for a big guy who has only been running for 3 months.  He's made so much progress in such a short period of time.  I couldn't be more proud of him!

Monday also started the Runners Love Yoga Challenge for March.  I had so much fun participated in the February challenge while tapering for my marathon and I even won the challenge!  This month is all about the Flow with a series of poses that will build on each other.  Here was day one with a Warrior I:

Tuesday: Normally I run on my lunch break on Tuesday, but with the freed up afternoon as well as free tickets to a fitness convention center here in Orlando, Hunter and I took advantage and headed down to the convention center.  We spent the afternoon checking out all the latest and greatest in the industry and we even ran into a few of our former coworkers.  It's always fun to get to catch up with people!  We had to head back to train our afternoon groups so this left no time for my run.  Luckily, since the sun is going down later now, I was able to get an evening jog in.  This used to be the only time of day I could run because of work and kiddos.  It had been so long since I've had a solo evening run and I had almost forgotten how beautiful it is out there just before the sun goes down.  I definitely want to take more time for runs like this.

And this was my Reverse Warrior pose from earlier in the day for the Yoga Challenge:

Wednesday: Hunter and I had a busy afternoon planned so I didn't have much time for a workout.  I stayed back at the gym while he went for his run and I knocked out a quick MetCon circuit.  My knee and hip had gotten really sore over the past few days so I did spend some time on rolling and mobility work.  In between MetCon sets I went ahead and did my Yoga Challenge pose which was a triangle pose.  It was juts what I needed to help loosen up my tight adductors.

Thursday: On Thursdays I typically run but my legs felt like absolute lead.  With my run on Monday and Tuesday, I was already at the mileage I'm typically at for the week, so I figured I should hold off on running more and have fresh legs for hopefully a good Saturday run.  So I decided to just do a quick, easy mile and a half then hit the pool for some laps.  My swimming has gotten so much better and I swam a whole 1200m without stopping!

Yoga pose for the day was the low lunge.  Took the picture at the pond in front of my house before the rain came.

Friday: Went to Planet Fitness and focused solely on upper body.  My knee was feeling much better and my legs were loosening up, but I didn't want to wear them out before my 8-10 miles I had scheduled for the next day.  Got in a great pump at PF then headed to meet Hunter for lunch.  After lunch we met with a realtor about potentially selling our house and buying a new one, eeek!  Then we went to a high school baseball game to cheer on our kiddos from the gym, then to our own kid's school to watch their Easter parade, then finally home!  What a crazy busy day, we were exhausted!  But here are some adorable pictures of the kids' Easter festivities:

And of course here is my standing L pose for the Yoga Challenge:

Saturday: The forecast was calling for rain all weekend.  Since I have been helping a friend prepare for her first half, I was disappointed the rain would keep us from meeting out on the trail that morning.  I, however, was excited to get to sleep in a little though.  It's been while.  So I caught a few extra ZZZ's and headed to LA Fitness for a treadmill run.  My plan was 8-10, which is my usual Saturday mileage.  My knee was a just a pinch twinge-y, my allergies were not too bad, and the extra sleep had me feeling good and rested.  I could have pushed harder and gone longer but I felt good about my 8 miles in 58:41 (avg pace 7:21).   Pretty pleased with my run and feeling prepared for my 15k next week, I finished off with some foam rolling and stretching.  Spent the rest of the day with friends at an Easter party.

When we got home from the party, it was raining.  I still needed to do my revolved half moon pose for the Challenge, so here I am doing so in the rain!

Sunday: Easter Sunday and also rest day!  We decided to spend the day at the beach.  It was a little overcast at times but it turned out to be the perfect day to spend at the beach and finish out an awesome weekend.  The boys had so much fun building sandcastles and splashing in the waves.  Hearing their laughter and seeing the smiles on their sweet little faces makes everything seem right in the worlds.

And of course, the beach is also the perfect place for a great yoga shot, so here is my high lunge for the Runners Love Yoga Challenge:

What's on tap for the next few weeks...
It's about to get really hectic!  April is a super busy month with work and races.  Next Sunday, I will run the EA Riverside 15k.  The following weekend, my mom will be in town helping with the kiddos while Hunter and I help run a football camp.  Also that weekend, I have an 8k on Saturday and then on Sunday, I drive down to Sarasota in the wee hours of the morning to run the Iron Girl Half Marathon with my friend (it is her first half)!  I will have a week to recuperate then it's the Lake Minneola Half Marathon April 24th, then two weeks later it's my sprint tri!  After that, we take a vacation and I will have no other races planned until the Chicago Marathon in October.

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