Sunday, February 28, 2016

No Rest For the Wicked

Well, it's only been a little over a week since my big exciting marathon and now it's time for my next half.  I had actually planned this half way before I chose the marathon.  Sommer Sports was running a deal late last summer where if you jumped on the computer to register quick enough, you could purchase some of their races for as little as a dollar!  I happened to be one of those lucky few who grabbed the Orange Blossom Half Marathon for dirt cheap.  Then of course the injury happened later that Fall, I signed up for Donna and well you know the rest.  So now I find myself in a situation of running virtually back to back races like I have been a handful of times before.  So I can handle it...I hope!

With that being said, let me recap these past two weeks actually.

So obviously the Monday post marathon was NOT spent teaching spinning or working out.  It did involve jumping right back to work though.  It was a good and a bad thing.  Bad because I did not really get much rest but in a way good because I spend so much time on my feet, it actually kind of helped loosen up my legs.  Life goes on, so as tired as I was, I had to suck it up and push through.  The next day, I was feeling much better and thought I'd try a light swim.  The universe must have disagreed with me because when I got to the pool, it was insanely packed.  Since I'm crunched for time, I ended up soaking in the hot tub then headed back to work.  Wednesday I managed to squeeze in a quick upper body work.  My legs were really starting to feel the effects of my marathon just days before, so even getting around to do my arm exercises was somewhat difficult.  But it felt good to get in a quick pump.

Thursday of post marathon week, I figured I would brave my first run.  Despite some serious calf tightness and a little flare up to my Achilles, it went far better than I had expected.  I felt like I was flying and had to tell myself to slow down several times because of the calf pain.  I didn't want to over do it.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and I got in a super fast 3 miles.

Friday was a quick lift with the hubster.  We did mostly upper body but I did incorporate some kettlebell swings to get the lower body going.  Again, the only issue was the calves.  Later that night, I attended hot yoga and it was as if the instructor designed the class specifically for me!  We focused a lot on posterior chain, especially the lower legs!  I think it was a combination of rest, listening to my body when working out and the amazing yoga class that had me just about back to my old self by Saturday morning.  On Saturday, I ran a conservative 5 miles and got in a 1200m swim. and of course some foam rolling.  Later that night, Hunter and I finally celebrated our Valentine's Day.

Sunday was rest day and then of course Monday was back to spinning and lifting.  This was my first attempt to lift legs in close to 3 weeks and boy did I feel it the next several days!  I will say as much as I love distance running, getting after it in the weight room has my heart and I am really looking forward to growing.  Tuesday, was my first speed workout in a while too and it was freaking awesome.  I was a little apprehensive how it would go because of the heavy legs the day before and the fact that they probably are still somewhat fatigued from the marathon the week before.  But I was able to do some of my fastest 400's ever so that is wonderful!  Calf and Achilles felt pretty good, required some stretching and rolling but nothing too serious, so I was pretty excited about that.  Also, as you can see below, even though I still have a ways to go, I am finally getting my abs back from all the crazy carb loading and post race indulgences, not to mention the holiday weight gain I was still trying to work off!  It's an ongoing process for me and a constant battle.  But hard work and dedication does pay off, so I'm trying to stick with it and will hopefully be back in shape for bikini season.

Wednesday, I was hoping to attend the monthly pub run that night, but since I have been feeling some issues with allergies and/or a cold coming on, I figured it was best to skip out.  I did get in a little lift that afternoon at our gym.  I wanted to focus mostly on upper body and core, but it had felt like eternity since I got to do some plyos.  So I incorporated some box jumps into my workout.  I also gave an exercise we have been putting our athletes through these past few weeks a try.  It involved a twist on our traditional valside knee tucks where I also use a band and do triple threat knee tucks.  It was definitely a burner and I will be doing this one again!

On Thursday, I wanted to get in a 5 mile tempo run then a 1200m swim.  I figured since my speed work had been so great on Tuesday, the tempo run should be effortless.  Well, Thursday morning, I woke up with a scratchy throat and an itchy nose.  You guessed it, allergies in full effect!  I popped my Allegra hoping to nip it in the but by my lunch break, when I would get my workout it, I was struggling.  I did manage my 5 miles and my swim, but it was not as easy as I had hoped for.  Later Thursday night, Hunter and I got to sneak out for another date night!  Two date nights in a matter of months is unheard of for us, but twice in one week is crazy insane.  But when some good friends of ours offered us club seats to the Magic v. Golden St. game (aka the Steph Curry show), we couldn't turn them down.  Unfortunately our Magic got beat down but it was still a fun time out!

Friday, I wasn't worse off but I certainly wasn't any better.  With a race the next morning, I knew I should take it easy.  So I knocked out a quick, but potent upper and core workout at our gym.

It's hard to go light, it's just not in my nature, but I am also learning to listen to my body better these days.  As the day went on, my allergies were really starting to kick my butt.  I had full on laryngitis, I was coughing up a storm and fatigue was sinking in.  I went to bed early Friday night in hopes to be rested and ready to go for my half on Saturday...

When I woke up Saturday morning at 4am, I wasn't sure if I should get back in bed or hop in the car and head to the race.  I was definitely NOT 100% but didn't feel terrible, so I chose the latter.   The temp was pretty chilly at the start of the race but it turned out to be pretty nice.  The course was much more difficult than I had anticipated with several hills, clay roads and even a dirt trail.  I was coughing and sneezing the whole way through, but still managed to squeeze out a baby PR with a finish time of 1:40:59 (my former PR was 1:41:49), and I placed 2nd in my division!

Later Saturday afternoon, we took the boys down to Fort Mellon Park in Sanford.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and they really enjoyed the playground there.  It was a dual purpose heading down there because a few of my MRTT friends were running in the Dawn to Dusk Challenge around the park.  They were doing the one mile loop as many times as they could in the 12 hour period!  All of my buddies who participated ended up doing over 33 miles each and one of the over 40!  Seriously considering joining them next year.  After cheering on the ladies, we strolled the riverfront, dined at the German cafe down there, then headed up.  I think it's safe to say, our who family was pretty warn out from the day.

Taking the day off today to rest, re-cooperate, hopefully get my voice back, but most importantly enjoy some quality time with my favorite boys.  Happy Sunday!

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