Monday, September 7, 2015

Product Review: Tiux Compression Socks

I was recently contacted by a company called Tiux, asking me if I would be interested in testing out a pair of their compression socks.  I'm all for trying new things so I agreed and in a few short days, a new pair of compression socks arrived in the mail for me!  I was super excited to test these puppies out on my next long run.

I was quite impressed with the packaging.  They came in this really sleek black box and were wrapped in thick, protective plastic.  I immediately fell in love with the colors and knew exactly what I was going to wear with them.  Now, I am embarrassed to admit this, but I have very little fashion sense.  Come date night, I am struggling trying to find something to wear.  If the event doesn't allow for t shirts and flip flops, I typically don't even want to go.  Running gear, however, I am all over that!  From training runs to races, I am matching head to toe!  So you could imagine my excitement when I received these beautiful neon socks to match with my Nike compression shorts and neon sports bra.  Even my Moms Run This Town visor matched!

If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you have a good run!

Currently, I am about 4 weeks in training for my fourth marathon, the Space Coast Marathon in November.  I did this same marathon last year and was hoping to qualify for Boston then, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I came up short.  I am working very hard this year to turn my BQ dreams into a reality.  Everything from my training program to diet and of course gear is super important so that I can have optimal performance.  This past weekend, my training program called for an 11 mile run.  I have been having some great speed days but my tempo runs have been struggling for some reason, so it was imperative I have a good long run.

The heat and humidity here in Central Florida does not seem to want to leave us any time soon, so getting an early start on the trail is important.  I woke up early Saturday, incredibly excited for my outfit and to hit the trail.  Because of the heat, I'm typically on the fence about wearing compression for those shorter distance double digit runs.  Although I know how helpful they can be, I worry about getting too hot.  The Tiux socks, however, felt so light and breathable, I knew before even heading out it shouldn't be a problem.  Unlike other compression socks where I almost need an assistant and or some sort of special device to get them on, the Tiux socks slid right on effortlessly and immediately felt comfortable without any major adjustments.  I had my cute, comfy and breathable socks to match my outfit and I was ready to rock and roll!

I made it out to the trail a little before sun up and knocked out my first 4-5 miles during the sunrise.  The temperature gets up there pretty quickly once the sun is up, and by miles 6-7 I was already drenched in sweat.  But luckily, just as I suspected, the socks were not too hot at all and unlike other socks I've used in the past, they were not chaffing or causing my legs to itch when they got sweaty.  My legs felt great the whole run and I was able to go even faster than I had anticipated.  Also, another plus, my peroneal tendonitis did not flare up one bit out there nor the rest of the day.  The socks offered such great support, they seemed to be more helpful for that issue than the K-Tape I've worn in the past.  So that was a super awesome bonus!

Despite the heat and my lack of sleep from the night before (I got back late from my husband's football game and my kiddos would NOT sleep), I was able to knock out all 11 miles no problem and even felt like I could've gone longer!

Post run, I did some foam rolling and core work.  After that, I was on my feet the rest of the day keeping up with my kiddos (age 2 and 4).  My legs felt great the whole time, if it wasn't for the fact I was so "rungry" (run-hungry), I would have hardly known I ran 11 miles that morning!

All in all, I would rate these socks 9 out 10...
Great fit
Comfy, breathable material
Nice, vibrant colors
Provided good compression, support
Can't beat the price

A little long and lose in the feet (I have narrow, skinny feet though)
Wish there were a few more colors to chose from

These will most likely be a staple in my training from here on out.  Thanks again to Tiux for the opportunity to test this product.  I am excited to order some more socks and get some cute running outfits put together!

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