Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Be a Lean, Green Fitness Machine

In honor of Earth Day today, here are a few eco-friendly fitness tips:

1. Stainless steel water bottles are a perfect way to stay hydrated while being green. Because they are reusable and easy to clean, you will never need to buy another take and toss plastic bottled water again!  Klean Kanteen is a great source for water bottles and accessories.

2. One mile in a car equals up to one pound of carbon released into the atmosphere. Skip driving to the gym today, and go for a long walk, jog or bike ride instead. This way you not only conserve gas, but you get your workout in while enjoying what Mother Earth has to offer.

3. Next time you expand your workout wardrobe, consider purchasing organic materials. Unlike conventional materials which use chemically and hormone treated seeds as well as harmful pesticides, organic clothing is untreated and relays mainly on the natural effects of the environment to grow. Organically grown materials help preserve our air, water, soil and the biodiversity of our planet.  Inner Waves Organics has great organic clothes for both men and women.

4. Get eco-friendly workout gear. For example, Gaiam yoga mats are phthalate and latex free so toxins won’t hurt the environment or interrupt your Zen.

5. Recycle your old iPods and MP3 players. Some major electronic stores will give you store credit if you turn in your gently used iPod. Or better yet, consider protecting the environment while supporting a worthy cause. Recycle for Breast Cancer will provide you with prepaid shipping labels and envelopes to send in your used items.

Take a moment to enjoy this beautiful Spring day and all that your environment has to offer.  If you're unable to get out and about today because of work and other commitments, consider scheduling a time in the coming weeks to get out and enjoy nature.  Go for a hike, bike ride or even camping, head to the beach, visit a zoo or local state park.  Be courteous of your environment and be sure to clean up after yourself.  Enjoy and have a Happy Earth Day!

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